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The Rozmarija Ensemble in detail


Since 1992, the Folkloric Ensemble Rozmarija preserves and depicts dance, music, songs and customs of eastern Slovakia (namely regions Šariš, Zemplín, Abov and Zamagurie) and the folklore of local ethnic minorities. Its live performances are accompanied by their own cimbalom folk band. The group performs in a vivid, funny and theatrical way. The younger members stage in experimental choreographies as well, where contemporary and traditional art are joined together. Rozmarija has represented Prešov and Slovakia at 87 international festivals including CIOFF, IOV or IGF, and travelled to 23 countries across Europe and Asia. In 2014, Rozmarija’s singers contributed to a compilation of an album „Kolisečko nová z bilého javora“. They are currently working on a new album full of Ruthenian songs.


Folklore Ensemble Rozmarija

In 2004, one of the subgroups of Rozmarija, Children’s Folk Ensemble of Rozmarija, published it’s own CD called „Rozmarija…jak še prekrasne rozvija“. Children aged 5 to 15 are divided into 6 smaller groups and they have their own performances full of plays, dancing parts and comedy. Just like the Folk Esnemble Rozmarija, children’s groups represent Slovakia at international children’s festivals such as CIOF and IOV under the sponshorship of UNESCO World Heritage. Prospective members of Rozmarija are trained in a group with the oldest and most talented children.


Children’s Folklore Ensemble Rozmarija

Rozmarija’s dance group is accompanied not only by children’s, but also by men’s and women’s choirs, called Uľej and Rozmarija respectively. In 2006, the two ensembles cooperated on their own CD: „Aľe preto špivam, bi še žaľu pozbul.“